Monday, August 16, 2010

Zeke's 1st Stroller Run

Zeke and Danny did a Stroller Run in Billings the Saturday after Theo was born.
Danny got a medal for 1st stroller although Zeke truly crossed the finish line first! :)

Check out Danny's new shoes!!!
We now have two pairs of Danny's 5 finger crazy shoes. :)
He is training for the MT Half Marathon in September!


Jeff and Naomi said...

Way to go Danny! My 13 year old brother has size 13 five finger shoes and loves them! Will Danny plan to wear them on the marathon?

The Runner Family said...


Don't let your wife tell you them shoes are crazy. They are sweet. I cannot wait until I convince Virginia I am interested in running.

Now before you go wondering who the heck is this weird guy. This is Seth Runner and I simply wanted to say hey to you guys. I have enjoyed checking out your blog and catching up on your lives. Hope God continues to bless you all the more.