Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Announcing. . .

It's a BOY! Zeke is a big brother! :)
Theo Scott Bronson
Born 8-3-2010 at 11:52pm
7lbs 12 oz and 20 inches
It was a QUICK delivery.
By the time we got to the hospital, I was already dilated to 8cm and
Theo arrived within the hour.
We are blessed to have two healthy boys!
Pictures to come!

Updated:  January 24, 2012
I wanted to add a bit more about Theo's birth as we are waiting on the arrival on Baby Bronson #3 now in January 2012.  And, if I don't write it down I will forget!

I woke up feeling great, it was a Tuesday and no feeling all morning that today was the big day for Mr. Theo's arrival.  Suddenly, around 4pm, I started to feel a little different and realized I was having contractions.  I think I was 37 weeks and 4 days along in my pregnancy.  I tried to lay down for a little bit, but felt more comfortable up and moving around.  I helped fix dinner for everyone and remember having to sway back and forth at the kitchen sink during contractions.  We got Zeke to bed later that evening, and I finishing packing my hospital bag.  I had given Danny the book we had used in our labor with Zeke and had marked where he was to read a few weeks prior.  I remember getting more uncomfortable and laying down on the floor of my parent's basement watching Danny attempt to power read the book.  Around 9pm, I threw up which happened many time in my labor with Zeke so I finally decided this was the real thing.  :) I had Danny call our midwife one more time, and she said we should probably head to the hospital.  We heading to the hospital around 10pm I think, and it took us awhile to walk across the parking lot as I continued to have contractions.  :)  We stopped at the emergency room and they quickly got a wheelchair and wheeled me up to labor and delivery.  I changed clothes and continue moving around.  The nurse checked me, and I couldn't believe I was already at an 8!  What a relief.  They called the midwife and she arrived quickly.  I remember not wanting to lay down and continue to move around the room and lean into Danny. I moved to a 10 without a lot more pain other than discomfort.  My water still had not broken, and I wonder if that helped in protecting me from feeling some of the strongest contractions.  Right as I was feeling the need to push, I got very scared and started doubting my ability to do this again.  I remember having the same feeling with Zeke but earlier in the process.  Danny was amazing and after a few pushes, Theo basically flew out!  He had a very short and thick umbilical cord, but she laid him on my chest until the cord stopped pulsing and he just started at me.  He didn't start crying but just seemed to be taking in the whole process.  Now that I have spent almost 18 months with Theo, that continues to be his personality.  He is very laid back.  The entire process seemed very calm and quiet.  I felt very weak quickly after and wonder if I went into my labor slightly dehydrated.  I was also thankful how much better nursing went the second time around.  I love my little Theo and so thankful for him!  


Joel, Emily, Corbin and Elias said...

I am so excited for you!!! I can't wait to meet little Theo! :) Congrats my friends!!! Love ya!

CJ Olson said...

Congratulations!! So excited for you guys!!

Lisa Webster said...

Congratulations! So happy for you! And YAY for the quick delivery! Glad you and Theo are healthy! Can't wait to see pictures! Welcome to the world, Theo!

Joy said...

YAY!! Congratulations you guys! I am so excited to see some pictures!! :-)

Kurtis and Suzanne said...

Congratulations Mandy and Danny!

Brooke said...

COngrats on another Bronson Boy! Can't wait to see pictures of this little guy!