Monday, March 15, 2010


We have had a busy couple of weeks. Our realtor wanted us to work on a few small projects on our house before listing on March 1st.
Danny worked super hard and his brother Andy came over to help as well.
We listed our house on a Monday, March 1st and it sold on a Thursday, March 4th!!!!
I think I may still be in a bit of shock.
We are so thankful! God is good! Plan still is to move to Billings at the very beginning of June. Packing has started!
We are excited for the chance for new opportunity, but also hard to leave our friends here.
We have lots of first memories in this house.
Danny and I moved her a month after getting married, our first house together!
We had our first child in this house and I survived my first MN winter.


Kari, RN said...

I'm so glad it's been such a great house for you! And wow, can you imagine all the memories that house has seen? What a blessing that it sold so quickly for you, and I hear the new owners are pretty excited to move in!

doug&margarethe said...

Happy for you too! We also have many fond memories at that house.
Glad it sold so quickly for you so you can prepare for the next phase of life God has in store for you. It's good to know He will go with you wherever you go. Many blessings.

kyle.phyllis said...

that is so awesome that your house has already sold! Thank the Lord! so excited to have you back in Billings

Joy said...

So excited to have you in Billings!! Congratulations on selling your house so fast!

CJ Olson said...

Wow!! That's so amazing....God is so wonderful to provide for you guys.

Leingang Family said...

How exciting for you guys!

Dawson and Alicia Olfert said...

Praise God!!! I bet your neighbor across the street is MAD =) I am really excited to read some more about this home birth business - I am very interested. I hope you are doing well - and you mentioned before visiting us here...we would LOVE it and we have plenty of room =)