Monday, March 1, 2010


My parent's gave me this t-shirt after I graduated with my Master's Degree in Pittsburgh and moved back home to MT into their basement prior to my next series of transitions. :)
Well, the transitions are beginning again. But, now, I am moving back into my parent's basement a few years older with my husband who will have just graduated with his Master's Degree, an almost two year little boy, a baby on the way, and a dog. :)
Do you think they still think it is priceless? :)
We have accepted a call for Danny to fill in for a church in Billings, MT for the summer months following his graduation from seminary in May. We are planning to live with my parents in my old room in their basement as they are gracious enough to allow us to move in for the summer. They are still considering the possibility of a home birth for baby #2. :)
The plan after that is something God hasn't allowed us to see yet.
We would love your prayers over all of our transitions and future!
Zeke is just excited about the new buttons that are now attached to our house.
Anyone want to buy a house in Fergus Falls?
I might just know how to help you!


Trystan said...

We are so excited to have you! And I am excited to not be the only pregnant mom chasing her toddler around! It will be fun!
-Stacy & Alex

Dawson and Alicia Olfert said...

Wow! How exciting that God is giving you some special time with your family. Maybe before sending you to Africa?.... I hope you're feeling good and I am sooo excited to hear about your adventures this coming season of transition =) Oh, and let me know about those home birth plans!