Sunday, March 8, 2009

We have a winner

A Snowy Update:
During the Annual Fergus Falls Frostbite Festival, they have snow sculpture contest. This year, we registered our front yard. With the help of Ashley, Kari, Toby, and David, Danny created amazing tunnels, paths, forts, a fox, and a snowman.

They titled it Fox and Geese. See the link below from a previous post to see the amazing tunnel and one of the forts.


Well, we won. We got first place in the most creative category and second place overall.

We celebrated with our $10 Fergus bucks and $10 gift card to Casey's Gas station by buying pizza and a special snack when they spent the weekend with us.

We also had some fun creating amazing creations with our french toast and whipped cream. . . . maybe even too much fun. :)
Here we all heading to church. I had to document my first time getting 5 "kids" ready for church by 9:30 in the morning.
Oh yeah, we even got to borrow their parent's mini-van. I totally felt like a grown-up.

Happy 14th Birthday today Ashley! We love you!

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