Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby's (oops I mean Danny's) Closet

Danny has used the closet in the spare bedroom since we moved in because I have too much stuff! Lately, I have been slowly slipping baby clothes into that closet as that room is becoming Baby Bronson's room. I wasn't sure if Danny was noticing. But, I guess he was. This is what happened this last Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church.
Danny: I don't think this will fit.
Mandy: What? (I was drying my hair, probably yelling a little bit)
Danny: I don't think these clothes will fit me.
(pointing to the newborn baby outfit)
Mandy: Ha, ha! Very funny :)
We both had a good laugh. I'll let you know who ends up with the closet in the end.


Ekelund Fam said...

Move over Danny, there's a new Bronson in town. :)

Kari Joy, RN said...

Great story!

Leingang Family said...

Danny may be bigger but I'm sure baby will be cuter! :o) And cuter usually wins.