Friday, May 8, 2015

Something not quite right with Samuel

Danny enjoying some special time with Samuel

 The amazing view from the hospital.  
 From his birth, Samuel was not eating well, throwing up during the night, and not pooping.  I spoke with some nurses in my very poor French as well as speaking to one doctor.  On our third day, a pediatrician checked on Samuel prior to discharge and noticed that his stomach was distended.  He was moved into the NICU as they began to observe Samuel as well as do some testing.  I had to stop nursing as Samuel was only receiving liquids through an IV.  As you can imagine, it was a very emotional time knowing something was wrong with my baby, but not knowing what it is.

 On the 4th day, they determined that Samuel needed to be moved to a specialist Children's hospital for further testing.  I went by ambulance to Grenoble with Samuel while Danny packed up a few things and met me there.  We were very thankful Danny's Dad and Stepmom were here in order to start caring for the boys.  
 After further testing, they determined Samuel had Hirschsprung's disease.  They scheduled a biopsy of his large intestine to ensure that was the correct diagnosis while we awaiting the next plan.  I cried a lot, attempted to understand what the nurses and doctors were saying in French, learning lots of new French vocabulary, and sat next to Samuel's bed
 The Children's Hospital in Grenoble
 I had the chance to stay at the Ronald McDonald House (Maison des Parents).  This was my interesting walk each time I went there.  

 My beautiful room but was quite lonely without Samuel and the rest of the family.  

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