Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MTI July 2013

We had the opportunity to attend a training in Colorado Springs for the month of July called Missionary Training International. 
It was an amazing month of training both regarding the cultural changes we were going to encounter as well as language acquisition techniques for us. 
We had the chance to enjoy Colorado while we were there too.  Here we are visiting the Garden of the Gods. 

A trip to visit the Focus on the Family Headquarters.  We had fun at Whit's End! 

Some fun with some of the friends we made while at the training.  It was great to meet people from all over the United States who are getting ready to go to countries across the world to tell people about missions. 

Zeke's cross cultural bridge!  The kid's programming was amazing.  Zeke learning that despite the chaos around him as we transition to new places, God is always with him in his heart. 

We had GREAT fun at the playground they had at the facility.  The boys had great adventures and Danny and I had the chance to chat with other parents who understand what we all were going through. 

Some special ladies from our time there. 

 Zeke and his special teacher, Becca. 

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