Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brrr Chills Festival 2012

We were able to be apart of the 2nd Annual Brrr Chills Festival in February this year and had a BLAST enjoying many winter activities!  :)  
 Here is our light parade and yes that is MY husband riding his unicycle in the parade.  

 This is Brrrt, the mascot for the week.  Someone in town made the costume.  My boys, especially Theo, LOVE him.  :)  
 Danny and the boys creation for the Snow Sculpture Contest! 
 Our competition, the SHARK!  I bet you didn't know there were sharks in the middle on Sask.  
 My dear friend Shelley and our babies.  :)  
 A fun family picture at the Brrr Chills Family Fun Dance.  My boys had some fun dancing!  
 A bunch of the kids at the dance.  My boys both won their very own Brrrt in a coloring contest they had.
Another view of our amazing sculpture, we got first place!  

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