Monday, April 23, 2012

Trip To Alaska May 2010

Following Danny's graduation from seminary, we had the chance to fly to Fairbanks, Alaska with family for our oldest niece, Gracie, graduation from high school and family fun!  
What an experience!  We are so thankful we had the chance to do this.  
We had an almost 2 year old who was mighty excited about the opportunity to fly on air planes!  
 Uncle Todd is in the air force and so we had the chance to stay on base!  So, more airplanes!  :)
 Lots of fun with cousin, Hannah.  
And, the weather was perfect!  Plus, tons of daylight!  It would start getting light at 4am and stay light until 11pm at night!  
 We also had the chance to spend a few days with my cousin Jacoline and her family.  Zeke and Daniel also had lots of fun being very busy boys! :)

 An amazing trip to Denali National Park.  
 Moose on the road.  
We also saw wolf, coyote, big horn sheep, grizzly bear, and many other animals!  Great day!  :)

 One of my favorite pics of me and my little man.  
 Family picture on a hike.  
 Fun at a hot spring

 Watching one of Anthony's many sporting events while we were there!  
Ice Cream with the Family!  :)  

 These are just a few of the great memories of the time while we were there.  Thanks Uncle Todd, Aunt Debbie, Gracie, and Anthony for your hospitality!  What a great time!  

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