Friday, February 18, 2011

Travel to Canada

Our travel to our new home in Birch Hills, SK took about 25 hours!
We hit quite a bit of bad weather the last 8 or so hours.
Who moves to Canada in January? We do. :)
Think it was like -30 degrees Celsius when we arrived.
Ask me in about month and I can tell you how cold that is in F.
It felt cold! This was my view for the entire TRIP, staring at the back of the
moving truck and Danny's car.
Every time Zeke sees a moving truck he still gets excited. Me, not so much.
Finally arriving at the border! But, we still had about 10 hours left to drive!

Tobie and Theo cuddling on the ride.

Using many forms of entertainment for Zeke
during the drive and at the immigration border.
Zeke having fun with the camera!

The AMAZING crew helping us move in on a VERY cold day!
Thank you everyone!
They also had a potluck waiting for us when we finally arrived and a fully stocked kitchen.
What a blessing!

Chaos! Now the work begins to make this into a home!
Thanks for the prayers.
We are having fun settling into our new home, meeting new people, and making friends!

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Jeff and Naomi said...

Enjoyed all your pictures and updates! Hope you've gotten a little sunshine since the move! How has the preaching been going? Do you have any neighbors fairly close by? Love & prayers!