Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Someone's turning . . .

You blessed up just a little bit early.
You looked cool in shades immediately.
Stripes used to make you look fat. . .
Now, you just look tall, dark, and handsome
Just DON'T mess with my cake

Saying we love you just doesn't seem to
begin to illustrate or explain
how we feel about you.
I wish I was eloquent with my words, but I'm not.
But boy oh boy, do I sure love you little man!
thank you for the joy, fun, and laughter you have added to our home
each and every day. thanks for helping your dad and I begin to get a clearer picture of how deeply our Heavenly Father loves us.
Happy 1st Birthday Ezekiel Alan Bronson!


Justin Johnson said...

Awesome Stuff.

Tim and Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Baby Zeke! I'm going to have to teach Ellie a new name, "Big Boy Zeke!"

Dawson and Alicia Olfert said...

Happy Birthday Zeke! And congrats on two years! It is a lot of work having little guys (and probably little girls too) but I can't think of a better job or a bigger blessing! Well Hadden is yelling, so I better go - I think he wants to eat cake like Zeke...he has to wait a few months I think.

Joann said...

Danny and Mandy, we love all your pictures and stories. Makes us feel like we know your little guy. Sure nice for these far-away relatives.
Love ya. "Ant Jo & Uncle Chuck