Sunday, October 12, 2008

Visiting Hannah

Zeke's Day with Cousin Hannah
Yesterday, Danny and I had the chance to drive to Fargo/Moorhead and watch the movie Fireproof on a date! This is something that has been somewhat of a memory since the introduction of Mr. Ezekiel. :)

It was an awesome movie and thanks to everyone who recommended it!

Danny's brother and his wife live there and were kind enough to watch Zeke for us while we got away for a few hours. It was also fun as Zeke's cousin Hannah is three days older so it is great to see them together.

I was excited for some adult conversation and the possibility of a game night.

In reality, we mostly talked about our kids.

Actually, we talked about our kids before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner. We then talked about playing games again, but instead sat around and watched Hannah and Zeke interact while attempting to get them to smile or at least look at each other. And, honestly, I wouldn't have changed anything about the night.

Our lives have changed with the introduction of this little man Zeke
and I am one happy mama! :)
We were trying to see if Zeke and Hannah are now about the same length. Instead, Zeke thought it would cool if he pretended like he was jumping. Boys!

Our next brilliant plan was to take some pictures with the kids looking at each other. So, I practically sat Zeke directly on top of Hannah. As you can see, it really wasn't working.

It is almost like they are saying here:
"I will not look at him/her. You can't make me!"

And, this video makes me laugh the most. Shana and I are both "talking" for our kids. I'm sure it will be the first of many times when I tell Zeke what I think he should say. Sorry Zeke

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Leingang Family said...

Our oldest is 15 and we still spend MANY dates talking about our kids! They are so cute together, even if they refuse to look at one another. :o)