Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Then, onto the Cabin

Next, I headed to my family's cabin for four days. This cabin is my favorite place in the world with many memories as my parents have owned it since I was 2.

It is especially special since Danny and I got married there more than a year ago. Here we are with our first kiss!

I even got spoiled by my Dad when he took me to get ice cream at the Dew Drop while my mom babysat. :)
And Dad, all I can say is I love you despite your taste in fashion.

And, Zeke seems to have a magical effect in putting people to sleep. I especially like this one with the open mouth effect. Hope you forgive me Mom!

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Leingang Family said...

What a great trip! While it's good to be home, it's hard to leave, too. Zeke has the cutest hair! I hadn't noticed it before.