Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday and Adventure!

On Easter Sunday, we had the family (Eric, Beth, Ashley, Kari, Toby and David Simonsen and Andy and Shana Bronson) over for dinner after church. Danny and I planned an Easter Hunt for the kids. We hid more than 50 eggs, and I think they found them in less than 10 minutes. Later in the day, they hid them again for us. Unfortunately, I think we are still missing 4 eggs. :) I'm sure we will find them someday.

For their Christmas present, Danny and I had purchased tickets to go to a water park about an hour away. The Monday after Easter, we finally completed the fun day. They had a blast and definitely got my exercise!

Ashley, Danny, and Toby climbing up to go down the water slide again! Two many times to count!

David enjoying the hot tub!

Ashley and I taking a break!

Danny and our niece Kari!

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Kari Joy, RN said...

Oh, WOW! The kitchen sure looks different! I can't wait to see it in person sometime!